• Piano Teacher
    • Teaching piano lessons at The Academy of Music, A Community Music School, Norfolk, VA, 2004 to 2017
    • Teaching piano lessons at Temple of Music, Piano & Organ Warehouse, and Kelly Music, Va Beach, VA, 2003 to 2017
    • Teaching piano lessons at Hauer Music Co., Dayton, OH, Jan 2001 to Jun 2003;
    • Teaching piano lessons at Shaw's Music Center, Centerville, OH, Jan 2002 to Jun 2003.
    • Teaching piano and electronic keyboard lessons at the Children's Piano School and Affiliated Children's Musical School of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 1985 to 1990 in China;

  • Judge
    • Tidewater Music Teacher Forum, Honors Recital Auditions for Piano, Piano Ensembles, Voice and Other Instruments - Levels 4 through 12, 2004.
    • Tidewater Music Teacher Forum, Levels of Progress, 2004.
    • Virginia Beach Federation of Music Clubs, Junior Festival for Piano Solo and Duet Competition, 2004.
    • Virginia Beach Music Teacher Association, for Music Theory Tests at Department of Music, Old Dominion University, 2004.
    • Ohio Federation of Music Club, for Junior Music Festival, District III-E, Piano Solo Competition, at University of Dayton. Mar. 2003.

  • Director of Music
    • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Norfolk, VA 23505, Jul 2003 to Feb 2018
    • Corpus Christi Church, Dayton, OH 45405, Nov 1996 to Jul 2003.
      Responsibilities: Performing organ or piano for weekend Masses and additional holy day celebrations; directing, conducting, and rehearsing adult choir, contemporary ensemble, handbell choir, school children choir; training cantors (adults and children) and work with instrumentalists; selecting, composing, and adapting music for church services.

  • Lecturer
    Responsibilities: Teaching Ear-Training/Sight-Singing and Music Theory.
    • Teaching Composition, Theory, Conducting, Piano Improvisation/Pop/Jazz Music for private students, 2000 to present.
    • The Composition/Conducting Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai, 1989 to 1990.

  • Teaching Assistant, University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music.
    Responsibilities:Teaching Music Theory, Ear-Training/Sight-Singing and Musicianship for conservatory music major students. Sept. 1995 to June 1997.

  • Assistant Lecturer and Piano Accompanist, The Composition/Conducting Department and Vocal Department at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 1984 to 1989.
    Responsibilities:Teaching Ear-Training, Sight-Singing and Dictation courses. Vocal Coaching and Piano Accompanying for training vocal major students and performing at concerts.

  • Piano Accompanist
    Responsibilities:Performing and rehearsing as a concert/rehearsing accompanist for music major students, faculty members, and musicians in concerts, recitals, and course studies.
    • Ohio University School of Music, Athens, Ohio, 1991 to 1994
      • Piano Accompanying for Vocal Department, Choral Union
      • O.U. Singers as a Concert Piano Accompanist
      • Rehearsal Pianist as in Verdi's Requiem and Handel's Messiah.
    • The Vocal Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 1984 to 1990
    • Hai-Ou Song and Dance Ensemble, Shanghai, 1971 to 1984.

  • Composer, Hai-Ou Song and Dance Ensemble, P. R. of China, 1973 to 1984.
    Responsibilities: Composing vocal, dancing, and instrumental music.

  • Conductor, Hai-Ou Song and Dance Ensemble, P. R. of China, 1981 to 1984.
    Responsibilities: Conducting choral, chamber, instrumental and dancing music.

  • Violist
    Responsibilities: Rehearsing and performing for concerts, operas at Ohio University Orchestra, and China.
    • Ohio University Orchestra, 1990 to 1994
    • Hai-Ou Song and Dance Ensemble, P. R. of China, 1971 to 1981.

  • Volunteer, as Organist/Music Director, at
    • Corpus Christi Church, Dayton, OH 45405, Nov 1996 to Mar 1997
    • Saint Anthony of Padua Maronite Catholic Church, Cincinnati, OH 45206, Mar 1995 to Nov 1996
    • First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Xenia, OH 45385, Nov 1994 to Feb 1995
    • Health United Methodist Church, Middleport, OH 45760, Jun to Aug 1994